Valerie Horton

Drugs and booze seized in prison

POLICE seize drugs, alcohol and tobacco at the Maryborough prison almost four times a month.

There have been 89 drug, alcohol or tobacco seizures at jail in the past two years.

The most common items prisoners are being caught with include alcohol, pharmaceuticals, syringes, buprenorphine and seroquel.

Australian Institute of Health Welfare research shows 70% of prisoners have used drugs before being locked up, including marijuana (50%), methamphetamine (37%), pain killers (17%) and heroin (15%).

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said the organisation takes the control of contraband in prisons very seriously; and procedures were in place to ensure cells are randomly checked and information received is acted on swiftly.

"Prisoners often take extreme measures to smuggle contraband into prisons," he said.

"Drug detection and testing are vital tools in keeping our prisons as free of drugs as possible.

"We maintain an extensive drug testing regime and use a range of detection strategies including intelligence, passive alert drug detection and joint operations with the Queensland Police Service."



Pharmaceuticals - 64

Drug implements - 32

Buprenorphine - 29

Alcohol - 26

Tobacco - 10