New constable looking forward to making community ties

KOALA ACT: Senior Constable Ann Jessop is new to town.
KOALA ACT: Senior Constable Ann Jessop is new to town. Mike Richards

IF YOU see a giant koala roaming the streets, don't fear.

It's just Senior Constable Ann Jessop's alter ego, Constable Clancy the Koala.

Snr Const Jessop recently relocated to Gladstone, taking up the role of Crime Prevention Officer after growing up in Rockhampton and spending the past 15 years in the force.

She has a passion for community policing and is determined to make life better for the residents of the town she said she had grown very fond of in her first month here.

"I never thought I would move the 90 minutes down the road but I am loving it here," she said.

"Gladstone's extremely friendly; it's how Rocky was when I was growing up, it's got that flavour of friendship and acceptance."

The highly educated policewoman holds three degrees, two in education and one in policing and was involved in a major emergency services project in London, where she headed for a four-year sabbatical.

"I joined the police force in the 1990s and then left for a few years to do the sabbatical overseas," she said.

"I did a project with the London Police, Metro Police and City Police where we wheeled out all the defibrillators as I was also working with London Ambulance at the time and I had a ball, even though I didn't go over there to do that."

The officer said she was looking forward to building a strong relationship between the police and the Gladstone community.

"A good relationship with your community can never be underestimated."

Snr Const Jessop said one of her priorities was to raise community awareness about securing their vehicles and property.

She was also looking forward to soon unveiling some fresh faces as part of the volunteers in policing program.