Marine group says shark kills are antiquated, unjustified

LETHAL shark control methods are archaic and should be abandoned, an environmental group says.

Environmental group Australian Marine Conservation Society have called for drum lines and shark nets to be removed.

AMCS marine campaigner Tooni Mahto said the nets and lines were "unjustified and antiquated".

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"We have always been opposed to all lethal forms of shark mitigation," she said.

"Yes there is a risk when going into the ocean - but it is infinitesimal. Every death from a shark is a tragedy, but they are incredibly rare despite the media coverage they get.

Ms Mahto said the public outcry over the Western Australian Government's short-lived introduction of drum lines showed how attitudes to lethal shark control programs were changing.

She said shark tracking and personal protection devices that detered sharks were promising non-lethal ways of protecting swimmers and surfers from being attacked.