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Power Station Smokestack

Conservation council criticises hydrogen plans

A NATIONAL conservation body has hit back at the Australian Labor Party’s announcement that Gladstone could soon become a hydrogen hub.

Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner Jason Lyddieth contacted The Observer to vent his frustration regarding the announcement.

Mr Lyddieth’s previous work with non-governmental environmental organisation Greenpeace had seen him advocate for the protection of the Great Barrier Reef among other landmarks.

“Labor’s commitment of $10 million to support the hydrogen industry is potentially a positive move, but only if the hydrogen is produced using 100 per cent clean, renewable energy,” Mr Lyddieth said.

“If hydrogen is made with coal or gas, it is just adding to the climate problem.

“Burning coal to produce hydrogen creates more emissions than burning coal to produce electricity, so making hydrogen from coal doesn’t pass the pub test.

“The international market for hydrogen will be in renewable-generated green hydrogen.”

Mr Lyddieth said renewable generated hydrogen presented plenty of exciting opportunities for Australia, especially for heavy industry centres like Gladstone.

“Queensland is well positioned to be a superpower in the renewable industries of the future,” he said.

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