OPINION: Connecting with family is too important to forget

FAMILIES have been on my mind quite a bit lately.

I first moved to Toowoomba for university and had no idea I would still be here almost 12 years later.

I didn't know anyone, but that soon changed when I met my husband and his family.

Then over the years people I know have been moving to our beautiful region.

This year it was my sister and her family from New South Wales and then my grandmother from her Gold Coast nursing home last month.

She is 95 and still amazing as ever and I am enjoying having her closer to me.

I have also been tracing my family tree and it is amazing to see how far the branches reach.

I feel as lucky as the Smythe family who held a reunion for almost 200 people this weekend at Westbrook.

Our lives often feel so hectic these days and it is easy to forget to catch up with our loved ones.

But we won't always be around forever and we should all take the time to visit with our family.

Life is just too short.