A Fraser Island dingo or native dog as they are widely known.
A Fraser Island dingo or native dog as they are widely known. Contributed.

CONFIRMED: Euthanised dingo involved in three attacks

ONE of the dingoes destroyed after an attack on a mother and child on Fraser Island last week had a history of high-risk interactions, including an attack on a six-year-old boy in January.

A spokesman from the Department of Environment and Science said in addition to biting the six-year-old, the dingo had also nipped a woman on the knee earlier this year.

"Any decision to humanely euthanise a high-risk, sick or injured dingo is selective, precise and only considered as a last resort," the spokesman said.

"Due to the severity of the recent attack and the unacceptable risk posed to visitor safety, a decision was made in consultation with Butchulla Traditional Owners to euthanise the dingoes involved."

The most recent incident involved a group of French tourists, including a nine-year-old boy and his mum.

The boy suffered severe bites to his legs, as well as wounds to his arms and face.

His mother received superficial wounds in the attack.

The two were airlifted off the island and treated at Sunshine Coast University Hospital.