Conference looks to the future of fishing

THE BIENNIAL Australian Recreational Fishing Conference will be be held on July 25 at the Broadbeach Convention Centre, with the theme Managing Our Fishing Future.

The conference is part of the Federal Fisheries Research and Development Corporation Recfishing Research national sub-program and seeks "to increase engagement with Australia's 5 million-strong recreational fishing community on national issues of importance and to identify priorities for future action".

The 2013 conference was rightly criticised as being an elitist love-in, with only a handful of grass-roots rec fishers willing to fork out several hundred dollars each to rub shoulders with the industry's top bureaucrats and administrators.

However, this year's event is far more attractive, with earlybird registration (until June 30) a mere $20, including lunch, and admission to the Australian Fishing Trade Association Tackle Show the following day.

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