'To the complete f---wit who cut me off' at Ballina

A WOMAN is furious after a shocking incident at Ballina put the lives of three of her children in jeopardy yesterday.

Jessica-Louise Groves, posting on the Ballina Crime Reports Facebook page, said she was driving around the big roundabout at West Ballina, heading towards Lismore, when a "complete f---wit" cut her off.

"(They) watched me spin out across the road and nearly smash into several other cars then took off," she wrote.

"I hope you have a f---ing fantastic day! I have three of my children in the car (one of which is autistic) and are all beside themselves after what just happened (as am I).

"It's f---ing wet and slippery on the road and you changed lanes three times within a minute!

"How about using your brain a little and be more cautious!

"You could have been responsible for the serious harm or even death of three small children and an adult."

Her post attracted plenty of comments, including from people who actually witnessed the dangerous driving incident.

Allyson Kate Mcardle wrote: "I was the car behind you, I merged just as you slid out.

"I almost crapped myself.

"I can't imagine how you and your kids must have felt.

"I hope your kids are okay! Pretty sure that idiot was originally in the right lane and then as they went around, they ended up in the left lane."

Ms Groves said she went to the police to report the matter, but because she didn't get the offending car's number plates, there wasn't much that could be done.

She said she would now invest in a dash cam.

Anyone who witnesses a dangerous driving incident can report it to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.