New subwoofers are added to Ipswich fire engines

BUNDAMBA commuters could feel the rumble when Queensland firefighters trial new sirens to save precious seconds during emergency callouts.

Rumbler-type sirens have been fitted to eight fire and rescue trucks across the state to alert distracted drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The sirens emit low-frequency soundwaves through large subwoofer speakers attached to the front of the vehicle - creating a vibration which can be felt up to 60m away.

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford said the new technology could result in faster response times for crews.

"Modern technology, such as better sound systems and sound-proofed vehicles, are making it increasingly difficult for firefighters to alert motorists to their presence and allow fire trucks to weave in and out of high-traffic areas to get to an emergency," he said.

"Flashing lights and sirens might go unnoticed, but these sirens vibrate - making them more noticeable.

"It's hoped the rumbling feeling being directed at road users will help firefighters reach emergencies quicker, and more safely."

Mr Crawford said high-traffic inner-city areas are being targeted during the long-term trial.

He said commuters in Brisbane's CBD, Durack, Acacia Ridge, Caboolture, Surfers Paradise, Bundamba and Townsville were likely to have already "felt the vibrations".