Community sector's Dr Goldie hits out at Abbott's tax breaks

THE community sector has hit out at expected Abbot Government tax breaks for the rich, and called for the 44th Parliament to commit to addressing child poverty as a "national priority".

Backed by the UN's Children's Fund, Australian Council of Social Services chief executive Dr Cassandra Goldie said a national poverty reduction plan was needed.

She said the "early signs of the new government seem to be taking us in the wrong direction.

"Foreign aid, the school kid's bonus, the modest supplementary allowance for people unemployed and the low income super contribution rebate are all on the chopping block without clear plans to invest more in our poorest children, families and communities," Dr Goldie said.

"In contrast, many tax breaks for people on higher incomes seem set to be continued."

Dr Goldie and UNICEF spokesman Tim O'Connor called on all federal politicians to commit to do more to address child poverty in Australia.