Community of friends provides a sense of belonging

I DID it. This week, to the utter non-surprise of my workmates and bosses, I announced my intention of heading overseas for an extended period of time.

This of course means I'm leaving, but let's not get bogged down in that now.

I want to highlight the happier aspect of this decision, which is travel and meeting people.

Now my leaving date is determined, suddenly I'm looking at where I'm going and who I know. And who friends of friends know.

Community is a wonderful system of friendship, and something I have discovered in Gladstone.

Despite the influx of population, it's a small place and you often bump into people when popping into the shops and stop to have a chat.

It's that sense of belonging.

Sometimes that gets lost during constant travel.

But it's comforting to know that there are threads of friendship across the world that I can rely on if needed.

Whether we like it or not, friends, family and community are what is important in life.

They make it sparkle.

This is made obvious in print editor Mary Bolling's article on seafarers.

In Gladstone they find a place and some comfort for a small space of time.

It's that change from travelling and not knowing someone, to suddenly having a place in the world.

It's helping each other out -  and thanks in advance to those who will do the same for me.