Community angry over Robin's Kitchen closure

COMMUNITY anger at the closure of Robin's Kitchen is still boiling, with one local business owner labelling the store's management as "disgusting".

Voluntary administrators have been appointed to the company, and the store could close as early as Christmas Eve.

Days before the announcement the store was advertising that customers would receive a $50 voucher if they purchased one for $100.

Anyone who took them up on that offer is now out of pocket, with the franchise announcing they would not refund vouchers, lay-by payments or online orders.

A local business owner, who asked not to be named, almost purchased one of the vouchers herself.

She said it was disgusting that they would take peoples' money, knowing they would not honour the vouchers, particularly in the lead up to Christmas.

"They take all that money and then close the doors," she said.

"I'm in business, and it's a mongrel thing to do. They all knew, and now they leave the staff out front … copping the abuse."

The hairdresser, who is on their mailing list, said she had received an email every day for the past three weeks trying to pull customers in.

"How many people got caught in that?" she said.

"The ones caught in that, they should get their money straight back, it's just wrong."

She also said she felt sorry for the staff at the local store, who had nothing to do with the decisions and would face losing their jobs.