Shane Warne and Mark Howard react to the dig.
Shane Warne and Mark Howard react to the dig.

Warne heading to LA for meetings on potential movie deal

Australian cricket great Shane Warne has spoken about his upcoming trip to Los Angeles to discuss a movie deal, only to be savagely trolled by a commentary teammate.

Speaking on Fox Sports' coverage of the International T20 between Australia and Sri Lanka as the Aussie were cruising to victory, Warne admitted he was set for the movie meetings.

He will miss Friday's final T20 at the MCG for the talks, briefly touching on the talks he revealed earlier in the week to the Herald Sun.

The movie is believed to be about his Indian Premier League triumph with the Rajasthan Royals, when he captain-coached the team to victory in the inaugural tournament in 2008

but he admitted in commentary it would be his full life story.

There is already a script and Warne said he was going to get to see it and discuss deals over the next week.

The 50-year-old said "It's not a completely true story", based in reality but with a "Hollywood spin on it".

He will also reportedly discuss a documentary called Shane with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Life is good for Shane Warne.
Life is good for Shane Warne.

But his co-commentators Adam Gilchrist and Mark Howard approached the topic delicately on Wednesday night.

Gilchrist: "Not with us on Friday?"

Warne: "Unfortunately not here on Friday, going to miss the big one at the MCG?"

Howard: "Cricket at the MCG, you should be there."

SW: "It's something I have to go and do, very exciting meeting actually Howie."

AG: "Can't elaborate on that Warney?"

SW: "I've got a meeting in LA about a movie. How many times do you guys want to try to get it out of me."

It earned Warne a reprieve for some time with a DRS review, although the ball pitched outside leg stump.

The trio picked up the discussion after the break in play with Gilchrist wondering aloud if he had any actors in mind to play the sheik of tweak.

Howard then dropped a great troll, suggesting "Ricky Gervais".


Not a bad shout.
Not a bad shout.


All three in the commentary laughed with Warne saying "You're a muppet you are."

"I was thinking more DiCaprio," Warne retorted through the laughter.

"You'd have to have an Aussie wouldn't you?" Gilchrist said.

"If you could have you pick - Chris Hemsworth, Victorian boy, he'd be the guy," Warne said. "Hey, what do you reckon Howie?"

"I still reckon Ricky Gervais," Howard said.

"John Candy, John Daly - Mark Waugh would say John Daly," Warne said.

Can’t see it Warney.
Can’t see it Warney.

Later he added Charlie Sheen to the mix, saying he might be right for the Mark Waugh role.

Warne said there had been a script written and he was going to LA on Friday to see the script, meet with a production company and hopefully make a deal.

"It could be a bit of fun," Warne said, before listing his golf dates and that he'd be back in time for the first Test of the summer.

"I tell you what, if I sign up for the movie, I might not be seen at the first Test match," Warne said.

Gilchrist added: "Last seen at the Gabba on October 30."

Warne has been floating the idea for some time with ESPN Cricinfo retweeting the question as he was discussing the casting, asking if there was a movie based on him, who would he like to see play him.

At the time, he answered "Russell Crowe".


It seems the Warney film is a step closer to reality.

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Again, Gervais is a great shout Warney.
Again, Gervais is a great shout Warney.