David Stuart

CommBank customers double-charged on credit purchases

THE Commonwealth Bank has double-charged some of its customers for purchases on credit and debit cards in a glitch that some people say has left them thousands of dollars in the red.

Customers logging on to the bank's mobile app on Wednesday morning were informed that they might see duplicate transactions on their statements.

Some angry customers posted on the bank's Facebook page that multiple credit and debit card transactions had been duplicated, and had started showing up on their statements overnight.


We're aware of the customers who have been affected by duplicate card transactions. We apologise for any inconvenience...

Posted by Commonwealth Bank on Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Some customers reported that they could not make purchases as their credit limits had been reached.

One woman wrote that, when she called the bank to complain, she was told that the problem was a "widespread issue" and she should continue to monitor her credit card while the bank investigated.

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