HE'S BACK: Meteors' goal-keeper Jason McLay hopes for a successful return tomorrow.
HE'S BACK: Meteors' goal-keeper Jason McLay hopes for a successful return tomorrow. Mike Richards

Comeback 'keeper

HOCKEY: Watching his beloved Meteors team battle it out against CQGL powerhouse Wanderers was too much for Jason McLay.

So after a four-year hiatus, the 31-year-old decided to put on the goal-keeping gear in a come-back game against Frenchville Rovers tomorrow afternoon.

A torn hamstring back in 2014 prompted McLay into semi-retirement during which he has worked away in different places.

Now that the boilermaker is settled in Gladstone - and with healthy hamstrings - he's keen to get into it.

"I went down for a look last weekend," he said.

And after watching his old mates and fellow defenders Scott Dawes and Bobby Appo thwarting off constant Wanderers' attacks last weekend, McLay got the urge.

"They were there when I last played and will be great to be with them again," McLay said.

"It helps a lot having them there.

"We have got a few good young kids in the team and it's a good mix." McLay recalls his last game in 2014 and hopes history won't repeat.

"I tore my hamstring off the bone warming up just three minutes before a game where I did the splits saving the ball and I heard a pop," he said.

"It hurt watching Meteors win the local grand final later that season."

All things going well, McLay wants to recapture the feeling of what goal-keepers experience. "Apart from not having to run too much, you do get the extreme highs of stopping the goals," he said.

Meteors' team-mate Jordyn Wilson said McLay will be a welcome addition.

"He's lifts and inspires everyone, not just in our team but around the club," he said. "The heart and soul of the team."

Sparks travel to Rocky to play Park Avenue Brothers in the other men's match tomorrow at 3.50pm while the Meteors and Sparks women have away games against Wanderers and Frenchville as well.

Gladstone Souths face Park Avenue Brothers in Gladstone tomorrow at 4.30pm.