Yaralla Fitness Centre personal trainer Bec Proude.
Yaralla Fitness Centre personal trainer Bec Proude. Brenda Strong

Have a coffee with... Yaralla personal trainer Bec Proude

WE have a coffee with some of Gladstone's familiar faces.

Name: Bec Proude, 24.

Occupation: Yaralla Fitness Centre personal trainer; GRIT instructor.

Years in Gladstone: 12 years. Moved from New Zealand's North Island in 2001.

ON a sunny Saturday afternoon you can find me… hanging out with my friends. We try and get away from Gladstone on the weekends and head towards Agnes Water.

My guiltiest pleasure is... chocolate. All kinds of chocolate. Especially the popping candy flavours, those are my weakness.

When I was younger I wanted to be a personal trainer, working on a cruise ship. So I guess that dream is still alive.

I always wanted to travel. I'm going to Cancun in February, but I've been to the US and Canada before.

I can't remember the last time I read a book. I wouldn't even be able to tell you the last book I read.

I work out four to five times a week, doing 45-minute sessions each day. I train with one of the trainers here and we push each other.

We mix up our training. One day we'll do resistance, the other days cardio and strength.

There isn't really a set formula to getting fit. Fitness is such a broad term. I'd advise 30 minutes of training for a decent session, but everyone is different.

Some people can't do 30 minutes in one sitting. So it's dependent on the person.

The corniest inspiration quote I've seen on a gym tee would be the "100% natty, are you jelly?" shirt a guy was wearing.

Another good one I've seen is "train insane or remain the same". If that t-shirt inspires that person, then good on them.

I avoid the Night Owl car park when I can. And when I leave the car park I try and turn left, but on the sneaky occasion I'll throw a right-hand turn.

My date to the Grammy Awards would be Gerard Butler. He's got a good body for an older guy.