Coast freediver Adam Sellars is taking on the World Championships in Honduras next month.
Coast freediver Adam Sellars is taking on the World Championships in Honduras next month. Facebook: Adam Sellars

Coast's own Aquaman takes on the world

A SUNSHINE Coast man is getting ready to take a deep breath and sink down as far as he can go.

Coast father-of-two Adam Sellars can plummet 50 metres underwater without any lifeline, diving equipment, or breathing assistance - it's just him and the ocean.

Mr Sellars said he fell in love with freediving when he started spearfishing two years ago - and now it has become a lifestyle.

"I was going through a bit of a rough time with depression," he said.

"Spearfishing was the first time that I was in that present moment with the 'whole power of now' type of situation.

"I just loved that feeling that I couldn't hear anything - just getting down deeper and following fishes.

"It was the first time my mind was calm."

Mr Sellars said all of his troubles were put into perspective when he was faced with real pressure - water pressing on his lungs 50 metres down in the deep blue.

"With When things that used to get me stressed or anxious now I kind of go, 'that's not real, it's only real if I accept it'," the Point Cartwright man said.

"I know what real pressure is - it's at 50 or 60 metres squeezing your lungs."

Now he's one of Australia's best freedivers, holding his breath for nearly five and a half minutes at a time.

He's trained in deep waters in Bali, swam with Olympians, hit the gym, and held his breath for countless minutes.

All of that hard work has prepared him to compete in one of the most gruelling diving competitions in the world: the Roatan 2017 Aida Freediving World Championships in Honduras.

When asked how he thinks he'll fare, his answer is simple: he'll do his best and whatever happens, happens.

"I've trained hard and we'll see what happens over there," he said.

Mr Sellars will join five other Aussies at the world champs in Honduras from August 22.