'He screamed at us to run': Coast women flee Vegas shooting

COAST woman Jessica Nelson has detailed her and Coast friend Emma Threlfall's terrifying escape from a gunman at a Las Vegas music festival.

Ms Nelson posted about her ordeal on Facebook hours after a 64-year-old gunman killed at least 59 people who were at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

She said a family friend with them at the festival, American man Justin Beales, had guided them to safety.

Sunshine Coast couple Sue and Wayne Schroter were also in the area, driving past the Mandalay Bay Hotel when the shooting began.

Ms Nelson told 92.7 Mix FM on Tuesday morning that they had been to the left of the stage when she heard popping sounds.

"I remember looking in the sky and going 'there is no fireworks, there is nothing on the stage'," Ms Nelson said.

She said Mr Beales soon realised people were being shot.

"The colour just went from his face and he just said 'gun' and just screamed and I froze.

"I couldn't move.

"He grabbed us, basically by our hair and just pulled us and just screamed at us to run.

"As we made our way to the exit, thankfully we were near an exit, the automatic rounds just started and there were people just falling all around us."

She said she didn't know if they were shot or tripping over.

"You wanted to get out of there as quickly as you could but then we got out and they just didn't stop.

"The rounds just continued.

"It sounded like there were two or three gunmen there and that it was coming from inside the festival."

She said they ran towards the first casino they saw, which she said turned out to be where the shooter was firing shots from the 32nd floor.

"It was complete chaos.

"As the automatic rounds were going no one knew where to go, no one knew what to do.

"There was no sort of order as to what was happening."

She said they ran towards the casino but people were screaming at them to run the other way.

"We were just trying to run anywhere that could provide shelter that was away from the gunshots.

"The problem was you would run and they were just never getting further away.

"They sounded like they were right behind you."

Ms Nelson said they made it to a multi-level car park near MGM Grand casino and were able to regroup.

She was grateful her friend was able to recognise the sound of gunshots and knew to run.

"It is not a sound that you are used to."

She said she remembered thinking she was going to be shot.

They took back streets until they were able to get back to their hotel, The Cosmopolitan.

"As soon as we got there security was on lockdown, we were told to go to our room, not to leave, the whole strip got shut down, it was just mayhem."

She said they had to stay where they were during the lockdown.

"Obviously they weren't sure how many shooters there were, they weren't sure of the motive behind it, they were trying to, I guess, get their bearings."

"There was minimal sleep that was had last night so as soon as the strip opened, we believe it was about seven or eight o'clock this morning, we just checked out and left.

"We had to get on the road and get as far away from it as possible."

"It was just horrific."

She said she had sent a text to her family on the Coast saying she was at the festival while the shooting was happening.

"I just remember messaging them saying like 'festival being shot, I love you'.

"You have to send a text.

"You didn't know what was going to happen so I just thought I have to send a text to my family to say like 'if this doesn't go well, you need to be aware of what's happened because someone needs to find us I guess if the worst happens'."

She said the support people showed each other and help they offered in the face of danger was empowering.