Coast COVID ship’s test results due within days

The genomic testing results of two coronavirus patients at Sunshine Coast University Hospital are expected to be known by later this week, Queensland Health says.

The two men who tested positive to the virus were on-board the Sofrana Surville which is anchored off Mooloolaba.

Queensland Health said testing had been underway since the cases were detected last week and that no further cases had been discovered.

A department spokeswoman said genomic sequencing of the confirmed cases was likely to be reported "later this week".

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"There have been no further confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the MV Sofrana Surville since two infected crew members were transported to Sunshine Coast University Hospital last week," the department spokeswoman said.

"The remaining 19 crew are in quarantine aboard the container ship.

"Further testing of this group will be conducted later this week."

The Sofrana Surville was denied entry to the Port of Brisbane after New Zealand health authorities alerted Queensland that a crewmen had tested positive to the virus while on board the ship.

It was reported by 7 News that the engineer who first tested positive on-board the ship, tested positive to a strain of COVID-19 not seen in Australia or New Zealand.

The genomic testing will be able to shed light on whether it is a new strain of the virus.

Queensland Health say there was no risk to any community in Queensland.

"All health staff who have come into contact with the two confirmed cases have taken every precaution and are wearing full personal protective equipment."