Sue Schroter was in Las Vegas with her husband Wayne when a gunman fired shots from the hotel they were driving past.
Sue Schroter was in Las Vegas with her husband Wayne when a gunman fired shots from the hotel they were driving past. Brett Wortman

Coast couple drove through Las Vegas amid shooting chaos

A BUDERIM woman who arrived with her husband on the Las Vegas gambling strip just as all hell was breaking out has given a chilling account of the sad aftermath of Stephen Paddock's rain of hell.

Sue and Wayne Schroter had travelled to the United States for a holiday after celebrating Wayne's 60th birthday with family and friends on the Coast.

The former Telstra Country Wide customer service manager told the Sunshine Coast Daily they had booked to stay at the Aria Resort and Casino.

"Something big was obviously happening as we were told by a few people that there was someone shooting into the crowd of people at a concert held facing the Mandalay Bay Hotel," Sue said of their arrival at the airport.

"We managed to hail a cab and the driver advised us that all traffic was being stopped from entering Vegas.

"While driving through and up Las Vegas Boulevard it was really chaotic.

"People were running in every direction obviously terrified. At that time it was thought to be three shooters and they were not sure what hotels they were in.

"He hadn't been stopped at this stage.

"When we were dropped at our hotel it was like a ghost town. Staff and guests were gathered behind the bank of lifts.

"Lots of people taking refuge off the street in the casinos around.

"I believe it was then that the police located the shooter but the boulevard was closed off and full of police and emergency services. The airport was closed and flights diverted.

"I don't know how we got through but it was shocking to see the devastation of the people. All hotels were on high alert and staff in the main were sent home until resolved.

"Walking around today the strip whilst busy and bustling there was a heavy atmosphere of emotion with vigils taking place for the victims and their families.

"There is a high police and security presence and I think people are now confident that their safety has been restored.

It's a different place from the scene in from the airport with the hysteria and, as the taxi driver pointed out some poor victims laying where they fell covered by sheets.

"It was truly horrific to see."


EARLIER: A Sunshine Coast couple has survived the Las Vegas shooting, after driving past the Mandalay Bay Hotel as a gunman inside opened fire, killing 59 people.

Coast residents Sue Schroter and her husband Wayne were enroute in a taxi to their Las Vagas hotel when the shooting began.

They had travelled to the US gambling and entertainment capital for Mr Schroter's 60th birthday when "all hell broke loose".

The couple were being driven past the Mandalay Bay Hotel where the gunman, 64-year-old retiree Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor pouring a rain of fire on concert goers below.

Sunshine Coast residents Jessica Nelson and Emma Threlfall were inside the festival when the shooting began.


Jessica Nelson, with US friend Justin Beales who helped her and her friend Emma Threlfall escape the shooting.

"People running and some on the floor," Ms Schroter told friends via social media.

The Schroters from Buderim reached their own hotel but couldn't check in because staff were ready to evacuate.

"It had just happened as we were leaving the airport in a cab.

"We are in Aria on the same street as Mandalay Bay and drove past before the police got the guy.

"There were people running and screaming, bodies on the ground. It was tragic.

"We haven't left the hotel and it's only just settled.

"God love those poor families."