Coalition's small business credentials given green light

QUEENSLAND's top business lobby group is giving the Coalition's small business credentials the green light - or more specifically, eight green lights.

The Chamber of Commerce Industry Queensland compared the two major parties on nine criteria it deemed important to business, including national budget, rates, jobs, productivity, regional development and manufacturing.

On these, it gave a green or red light for supportive or hurtful policies, with an amber light given if the party's position was unclear.

The Coalition scored eight greens and one amber light for having no policy on vocational education.

It easily trumped the ALP, which earned five greens, three ambers for the economy, interest rates and car manufacturing.

The Labor Party copped a red light for cutting funding to incentives for apprentices.

The ALP also drew an amber light on interest rates while the Coalition was given a green, saying the low rates showed the economy was in turmoil.

Its justification for how it judges the major parties is available on the CCIQ website.

General manager Nick Behrens said the business group wanted action on red tape, workplace relations, infrastructure and tax.

"One of the biggest challenges facing small business is the cost of doing business and it is important to know the savings or costs to your business under the next government," he said.

It was critical, Mr Behrens said, for business owners to know how the political wrangling could affect their industry.

CCIQ's full political analysis is available at