SWAP: Ray Willis will don the Rockhampton Rockets singlet this QBL season.
SWAP: Ray Willis will don the Rockhampton Rockets singlet this QBL season. Mike Richards GLA230716MBAL

COACH: Power will have more options in QBL season 2018

BASKETBALL: It's a new era at the McDonalds Gladstone Port City Power men's team.

And the Port City side has to negotiate season 2018 without the services of play-making maestro Ray Willis who has signed with Rockhampton Rockets.

But under new coach Brady Walmsley, the Power aim to spread the load and not have any given one player as 'The Man'.

Don't get me wrong, Willis put bums on seats at Kev Broome Stadium and was the scoring mainstay over several seasons at the port city.

He averaged 29.53 points per game across 17 matches which included four assists per outing.

Big shoes to fill.

But there comes a time where others will need to come to the party and fill the void left by Willis.

Walmsley is of the adage - one in then all in.

No weak links in Walmsley new-look roster.

"I'm not sure that we have the top five talent like we did with Ray Willis, but what I do know is that our depth is significantly better and we're going to have a significantly greater number of contributors on any given night," he said.

"I think that will make us more potent and probably more dangerous so that's the vision and hopefully it plays out that way."

The statistics proved that yes Willis averaged 30 points per game, but the numbers supported the fact that there was a heavy reliance on him.

As a result, Gladstone Port City Power suffered.

"The team averaged the least amount of points per game scoring in the league and shot the ball from the three-point line at the lowest percentage," Walmsley added.

"To me that clearly suggests that a single individual talent isn't enough to get it done at QBL level.

"I'm not going to ask anybody to average 30 this year because my hope is to have seven or eight guys to contribute to the scoreboard and as a result it will make us a more difficult team to defend."

Walmsley said patience is not his biggest strength and he wants success this season.

"Patience isn't my best virtue and have a little bit of trouble with that and will get things started and slowly build and it will be around before we know it," he said.

Power opens its account with an away double-header against USC Rip City and SC Phoenix on May 5-6 on the Sunshine Coast.