LNG co-operation will have price for Gladstone jobs

GOOD luck came in threes for Gladstone, with the unprecedented trio of LNG plant developments side-by-side on Curtis Island.

But has our luck run out before a fourth?

The gas boom has already delivered more than $60 billion investment in our region, and more than 10,000 jobs on the construction alone.

But speculators have always banked on one more boost for the region, with Shell's proposed Arrow plant due for final investment decision at the end of the year.

But the bottom-line blow-outs of the first three projects have prompted cost-cutting - so much so that Arrow might not build at all.

Whispers that Arrow might instead join an existing project are getting louder - could the new federal environment minister's delay on the EIS decision be a ploy to buy negotiation time for the company?

Any co-operation will come at a cost for Gladstone - and Arrow must reveal how many jobs might go down the gurgler.