Admin officer Michelle Mills with nurses Nicole Knowles and Rabecca Goddard at the Fever Clinic on Kendalls Rd.
Admin officer Michelle Mills with nurses Nicole Knowles and Rabecca Goddard at the Fever Clinic on Kendalls Rd.

Close contacts with farm worker receive Covid-19 results

MORE than 250 people have already been tested for coronavirus in response to Bundaberg's most recent COVID-19 case.

Following the farm worker's diagnosis, 147 people were tested at a pop-up clinic set up at the farm worker accommodation.

Of those who have already been tested, 42 of his co-workers have tested negative to COVID-19 after coming into contact with the infected farm worker.

The man, 24, remains in isolation under clinical supervision in Bundaberg after being diagnosed with the disease on Friday.

He travelled from Melbourne to Bundaberg, via Brisbane, last week to work on a fruit farm.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said 57 people had tested negative after coming into close contact with the farm worker and 15 were close contacts in Brisbane.

The remaining results are due over the next 24 hours.

"The results so far are promising and the response from the farming business, the patient's contacts and the Wide Bay community has been excellent," Ms Young said.

"We are continuing our rapid response to this case, including contact tracing in an effort to find every person the patient had potential contact with since arriving in Queensland almost a week ago. As a precaution, we plan to do a round of follow-up testing later this week.

"These are early days and we have much more work to do before we can be confident there has been no further transmission."

Queensland Health is contacting passengers aboard two flights - Virgin VA313 (Melbourne-Brisbane) and Virgin VA2905 (Brisbane-Bundaberg).

The pop-up clinic at the farm-worker accommodation closed after all employees were tested.

Additional health staff have been provided at the Bundaberg Hospital fever clinic, where 92 people were tested yesterday.

The patient entered Queensland as an exempt seasonal worker exemption under the Border Direction from Melbourne on 1 June and spent time in Brisbane before flying to Bundaberg the following day.

Dr Young said it was likely he was infected by a flatmate in Melbourne where there is ongoing community transmission.

Passengers of the Virgin flights, who have not already been contacted, are urged to call 13 HEALTH.

Queensland's COVID-19 tally remains at 1061, with no new cases over the past 24 hours.

Three cases remain active and two people are being treated for the disease in hospital.

People should get tested for COVID-19 if they had symptoms including:

• cough

• sore throat

• shortness of breath

• runny nose

• fever (or history of fever) or

• loss of sense of smell or taste.