ROCKHAMPTON woman Rhonda Muldoon was just over 5cm away from death.

That was how she described her near-miss experience when a rock, the size of a tennis ball, flew through the front windscreen of her Mazda hatchback and out the back window.

It was an encounter she was thankful didn't take her life because, "I can continue to watch my new grandson grow".

She told The Morning Bulletin on Monday she was dead-certain that if she had been in the rock's firing line, "I would have been gone".

She and her husband Mark were travelling back to Rockhampton from the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday.

About 10km south of Miriam Vale on the Bruce Hwy, they passed two tractor-mowers trimming long grass on the side of the road.

As they were passing the second tractor, the mower's propeller struck the rock.

Rhonda Muldoon had her windscreen and rear screen broken by a rock from a roadside slasher. Photo Contributed
Rhonda Muldoon had her windscreen and rear screen broken by a rock from a roadside slasher. Photo Contributed Contributed Photo ROK271014awind

The propeller's force was enough to send the rock flying at great speed towards the car. It blasted through the top of the front windscreen, missing Rhonda's head by 5cm.

The rock made a bullet-like hole in the glass shield.

She said the rock was flying at such speed and power, it ricocheted off the inside of the back passenger door and bulleted through the back windscreen, causing the latter to shatter into a million pieces.

The rock's impact could have been fatal, she said.

She caught the traumatic event on a camera fitted to the dashboard of her car. 

A shocked Mark and Rhonda, who was a passenger, quickly pulled over.

Tiny glass shards caused a few small cuts on her head. She was also left with some emotional scars but they quickly healed. 

Following the accident, Rhonda said the tractor-mower drivers quickly came to her and husband Mark's rescue.

"They (the tractor drivers) were there in a heartbeat, they came over straight away," Rhonda said.

"You couldn't have asked for more helpful people and a quicker response".

She's not at all mulling over the what ifs, despite how worse the accident could have played out.

Rhonda was simply thankful she got to spend another day with her new grandson, who was born three weeks ago.

The company who operated the tractor-mowers picked up the insurance excess for the car's damages.

The windscreens were fixed on Thursday.