Aspiring prime minister Clive Palmer
Aspiring prime minister Clive Palmer Sharyn O'Neill

Palmer claims debate didn't address regional Australia

SUNDAY night's leadership debate showed regional Australia would be left wanting under Labor or the Coalition, aspiring prime minister Clive Palmer has claimed.

"So many people have been neglected in so many parts of the nation," he said.

"You never heard anything last night about regional Australia.

"It's as though it didn't exist.

"The people in regional Australia have different needs to be met in health, education..."

The leader of the Palmer United Party also said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott showed little concern for aged care and pensioners and did not even mention indigenous Australians.

He said he put his hand up for the debate but was eliminated "because they didn't want to answer those questions" and the media was portraying the election as a two-horse race.

The Palmer United Party will have candidates standing in all 150 House of Representative seats and Senate teams in every state which, Mr Palmer said, was more than Labor and the Coalition.

He also criticised their lack of experience in business and, therefore, skills in growing the country's economy.

The mining magnate - who labelled himself a businessman with a proven track record for delivering results - said the only way to increase revenue and build more community services was to create more wealth for Australia.

Mr Palmer said he would unveil this plan during his policy launch at Coolum on August 25 but confirmed he would not increase taxes or cut costs.

"That's one part of the equation," he said.

"What you've got to have with that is the policy which enables economic growth to turbo charge the economy."

Mr Palmer said, in comparison, Mr Rudd just taxed more people when he needed more revenue and sent people to the Centrelink queue.

He said Mr Abbott, similar to Queensland Premier Campbell Newman's actions, would reduce the cost base, thereby winding down activity and heading the country towards recession.

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