Clive on warpath over aged pensions

CLIVE Palmer has taken advantage of controversy over the Federal Government's Commission of Audit to attract new members to his fledgling party.

The PUP leader and Member for Fairfax said workers would be hit hard by the commission recommendation to raise the pension eligibility age to 70 by 2035 and include the family home in a new means test from 2027.

He said his party's policy at the last federal election was to increase the amount paid to an aged pensioner, not increase the age when a person was entitled to it.

"The Commission of Audit's recommended changes to the aged pension will not be supported by the Palmer United Party," he said.

"We want to protect the rights of our senior citizens and in fact the Palmer United Party is offering free membership to aged pensioners.

"The party will work very hard to sway public opinion that it is wrong to increase the age of entitlement and also include the family home in a means test."

Should aged pensioners be sacrificed for the economy?

This poll ended on 04 May 2015.

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Everyone has to hurt if we're going to repair the books.


It's horrible but if there's no money for it, we can't pay as much.


Make corporations pay the tax they're supposed to first.


Pay them less? We can afford to pay them more!


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Mr Palmer said Australia had an AAA credit rating and so could afford to pay its aged pensioners what they deserved.

"It is fine for Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey to say they want to increase the age of the aged pension because they don't have to worry - they will receive a parliamentary pension," he said.

"The Government should not be raiding and pilfering from our aged pensioners.

"Only seven OECD countries spend less than Australia on their pensioners."