Curtis Island cleaner in court over credit card fraud

COMMITTING a "sneaky offence of greed" led to a former Curtis Island cleaner being given a suspended jail sentence on Tuesday.

David John Balzary admitted taking the victim's credit card from his wallet and copying the details.

Balzary then attempted to use the information to buy a Red Bull Lowndes Model Car.

The car was to be sent to the home of his parents.

The victim later became aware of an unauthorised $167 transaction on his National Australia Bank American Express credit card.

Defence solicitor Megan Creaser said her client had access to a master key while working as a housekeeper.

She said the fact that Balzary had attempted to cancel the purchase showed his remorse, but by then it was too late and an investigation had already been launched.

Balzary lost his job over the incident.

Magistrate Penelope Hay said Balzary had abused his position of trust.

"It was a sneaky offence and one of greed, not need," she said.

Magistrate Hay said fly-in fly-out employees worked long hours and should be able to trust their fellow workers.

Balzary pleaded guilty to attempted fraud and stealing.

He was sentenced to a three-month term of imprisonment, wholly suspended for 18 months. A conviction was recorded.