Awoonga Dam Road fire, pictured from Awoonga Dam Road.
Awoonga Dam Road fire, pictured from Awoonga Dam Road. Luka Kauzlaric

Fire recovery will take weeks as farmer loses stock feed

IT TOOK nearly three days to get under control, but landowner Jonathan Mann says the clean-up from the Awoonga Dam Rd fire will take weeks.

The fire, which started on the Awoonga Country estate on Monday, burnt through about 3500 acres of grass on the Mann's cattle property.

"We've got 75 head of cattle with no feed, and 50 head of cattle with very limited feed," Mr Mann said.

The blaze left just 500 acres of the property unscorched, in what's already a tough time for graziers.

"We're trying to source additional feed - and because of the head, and lack of rain, we'd already been trying to de-stock," he said.

"It's pretty frustrating, when you're already struggling, and there's feed just burning in front of you."

The cause of the fire, and of a second blaze that burnt back on the property from the Awoonga Dam area, are still unknown.

Up to 20 crews attended the fire during the week, and while the blaze is almost out, logs and trees are still burning on the property.