Public funding for private schools has soared.
Public funding for private schools has soared.

Public spending on private schools soars

TAXPAYER spending has grown at least three times faster for private schools than for state schools over the past five years, new data reveals.

Public funding for private schools soared 17 per cent between 2012 and 2017 but state school expenditure grew just 4.7 per cent, the Productivity Commission will reveal today.

But private schools pocket much less public funding than free government schools, with taxpayers giving $6537 a year less to private school students than to kids in state schools.

Queensland state school students attracted $17,441 each in taxpayer funding from state and federal governments to cover teacher salaries and school running costs, without covering the cost of buildings.

Private school students received $10,977 each in taxpayer funding and charged tuition fees to cover the shortfall in the cost of educating students.

The State Government paid $14,629 to educate each public school student in 2016-17 while the Federal Government contributed $2784. For private schools, the state gave $2708 for each student and the Federal Government paid $8269.

Teacher salaries are $8626 per student, with another $2930 to cover aides, office staff, security and groundskeepers.

Brisbane private schools have raised fees this year at two or three times inflation, blaming a rise in teacher salaries.