City’s new entertainment venue proves worth already

IT WAS a great experience to see so many people take advantage of the open day at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre.

The new multi-purpose venue has such a massive amount going for it - and it's good to see that it has attracted the interest of many families.

The new flat floor was put to great use on Monday as a band kept the visitors entertained.

This new centre is an absolute asset to our community.

The original centre was pretty useful, but the enlargement has totally changed its use, and it's made it into a venue that can well attract conferences, and some of the brilliant acts regularly travelling our country, such as the upcoming Birds of Tokyo, which we understand has already sold more than 1000 tickets.

Before the upgrade we could not cater for those shows, but this has put Gladstone on the map for more.

It's a tribute to the forethought and planning of the people who made it happen.