Roller Derby at the PCYC, Side Street, Gladstone.
Roller Derby at the PCYC, Side Street, Gladstone. Christopher Chan GLA020313ROLL

Harbour City Husters pile on points over Toowoomba in bout

THE Harbour City Hustlers skated circles around its opponents at the weekend.

The roller derby girls beat Toowoomba City Rollers 356-81.

Coach Charlie Keenan said he couldn't have been happier with the girls' performance in the first clash of the 2013 season.

"We thrashed them," Keenan said.

Despite the scoreboard, Keenan said it was not a walk in the park for the Hustlers.

"The score didn't reflect their play.

"They fought hard the whole game."

As promised, Keenan said the Hustlers were a far more skilful outfit than last year.

"I think a big portion of the results came because the girls worked hard at training.

"That is just the result of hard work.

"I think 2013 is going to be the year of the Hustlers."

While Keenan said Saturday night's big win against Toowoomba was truly a team effort, the opposition was asked to name Hustlers' most valuable players.

Kristy Keenan (aka Duncan Manutz) was named the most valuable jammer for Hustlers.

Keenan said it was because she went and did what she had to do to help her team secure the win.

Most valuable blocker was Ellie Picking (aka Kittie Miaow) who Keenan said was just amazing.

"Last night was her first bout in front of a home crowd and she smashed it."

The next big match for the girls will be in May when they travel to Tweed.

Keenan said ahead of that bout, the only thing he picked up on Saturday that the girls needed to work on was penalties.

"We were penalty heavy in the middle of the bout, we need to work on minimising penalties.

"Other than that it is very, very hard to find fault with the performance last night," she said.