HUMBLE: Gladstone Region councillor Glenn Churchill was defeated by Ken O'Dowd in LNP pre-selection for Flynn.
HUMBLE: Gladstone Region councillor Glenn Churchill was defeated by Ken O'Dowd in LNP pre-selection for Flynn. Campbell Gellie

Churchill opens up on LNP challenge, political future

HE MAY have fallen short in his quest for LNP pre-selection in Flynn but Gladstone Region councillor Glenn Churchill's energy and resolve has never been stronger.

Incumbent MP Ken O'Dowd won the voting process at the weekend, involving approximately 150 LNP members, by an unknown margin as party rules prevent the margin of victory being released.

But even Mr O'Dowd isn't sure if he won by one or 100 votes.

Cr Churchill was encouraged to put his hand up for Flynn after "speaking to people every day from all walks of life" who said they wanted a different choice for the electorate.

The former police officer, Banana Shire mayor, Nationals candidate for Flynn in 2007 and GAPDL chief executive officer wished Mr O'Dowd luck at the next election and vowed to continue his conservative advocacy.

"I'm conservative by name and by nature, I'm buoyed by the support of people encouraging me and I will continue to advocate for the sound principles of conservative government and to be fiscally conservative as well," Cr Churchill said.

"I'll do whatever is required to ensure the conservative vote and values are maintained."

Cr Churchill thought he'd have "had enough runs on the board" to claim the nomination, but said he was honourable in defeat.

"I've always been a person who accepts the referee's decision and we get on with life," he said.

"I wanted to bring a new energy and enthusiasm. I wanted to bring a level of trust and extensive community experience.

Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd wants support from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his new energy policy.
Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd won the LNP pre-selection challenge. Tegan Annett

"I've had 14 years in local government as a mayor and councillor, I've been a Central Queensland representative on state bodies, an officer of law, a small business owner and chairman of the (Gladstone) PCYC.

"But it's a healthy democratic process that allows the members of the party to ensure their vote counts, that their membership is valued and their voices heard."

While vowing to continue his work as a councillor, Cr Churchill didn't rule out any future political runs, declaring that everybody should have aspiration.

"I've got energy, I've got enthusiasm and I'm in a team of elected members of the Gladstone Regional Council and we have a very strong focus on what we want to do there for the future," he said.

"My priorities will continue to grab opportunities that will make a difference to the communities of the people who have put me there.

"We need to still be continuing to address local issues and we need the state and federal governments to all be able to sit together in a harmonious and compromising position to get greater outcomes for us.

"At the end of the day I might have my ideas but it's the people in our region who are the eyes and ears and they have ideas. We need to find out what their ideas are for the future, bring them out and pursue them with a great amount of vigour."

Cr Churchill's pre-selection defeat will avoid a council by-election.