Stephen Raymond Joyce has been jailed for offending against his former partner.
Stephen Raymond Joyce has been jailed for offending against his former partner. Facebook

Chopping board used as a weapon in attack on girlfriend

A WOMAN was hit with a chopping board "20 to 30 times" by her drunk boyfriend after waking up to cook him food.

"Stop hitting me," she repeatedly said to Stephen Raymond Joyce during the prolonged attack in a kitchen of a Hervey Bay home.

But her cries for help fell on deaf ears.

The drawn out assault, which occurred on February 2 last year, was captured on audio as the woman hit record on a phone when her partner showed signs of turning violent.

Parts of the confronting audio were played in Hervey Bay District Court last week after Joyce, 37, pleaded guilty to three counts of assault.

From criticising her for talking too much to telling her to "wake up" in a condescending tone, the chopping board attack was executed to a backdrop of Joyce firing snarky, demeaning comments at the woman.

About half-an-hour prior to the kitchen tirade, Joyce had punched her.

This initial attack was also recorded, with the audio depicting the woman reacting in pain after the left side of her face was struck.

The violence was sparked by a trivial argument between the pair, in which they couldn't agree the order of the events which happened that night, the court was told.

About a week later, on February 11, Joyce used violence against the woman again. This time he painfully grabbing her by the arms to push her out of the house.

That marked the end of them dating.

The court was told of a dysfunctional 14-month relationship between the two in which they both misbehaved towards each other.

Defence barrister Rick Taylor explained Joyce lashed out at the woman in response to being accused of having mental issues. To be precise, it's alleged the woman told Joyce he was "f***ed up in the head."

The father-of-four was sent to jail by Judge Julie Ryrie. He will be released on parole in June.

Joyce's mum and current partner supported him in the court appearance.