Two RACQ CQ Rescue choppers responded to reports of a truck roll in St Lawrence.
Two RACQ CQ Rescue choppers responded to reports of a truck roll in St Lawrence. Emma Murray

Driver of B Double may have fallen asleep before crash

THE driver of a B Double which rolled injuring two people might have fallen asleep, RACQ CQ Rescue officers claim. 

Mackay-based Rescue Crew Officer Arno Schoonwinkel said he suspected the driver of the B Double had fallen asleep or lost concentration, which caused him to lose control of the truck just after 1am today. 

"The end result was the B Double coming to rest on its side however, the driver and the passenger were able to extricate themselves from the truck." 

The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter was tasked to the incident after reports a truck had rolled on the highway 160km south of Mackay in St Lawrence. 

Initial reports suggested the driver was a man in his 20s. The passenger, was a 27-year-old male from Victoria. 

Mr Schoonwinkel said the 27-year-old passenger had sustained a shoulder injury in the accident and was in an extreme amount of pain. 

The passenger was transferred by RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter to Mackay Base Hospital, arriving just after 4am. 

Paramedics who attended the accident transported the driver and passenger to the Kalarka Road House where rescue helicopters from Mackay and Rockhampton had landed in preparation to transport the patients.

Capricorn Rescue transported the driver. 

UPDATE 9.32AM: ONE lane of the highway remains closed after a truck rollover injured two young men near St Lawrence. 

A police spokesman confirmed traffic control was on the scene. 

INITIAL: TWO men in their 20s have been taken to hospital after a truck rolled on the Bruce Highway last night.

Multiple Ambulance crews and two rescue helicopters responded to the rollover which happened on the highway nest Spring Valley Road just before 1am.

A QAS spokesperson said paramedics assessed and treated two men.

One sustained an abdominal injury and the second male sustained a shoulder injury.

Both patients were airlifted to hospital - one was flown to Rockhampton Hospital with another was flown to Mackay Hospital.