Josh Lunn.
Josh Lunn. Brett McWaters

Josh shares his red claw secrets

HE'S the red claw king.

Josh Lunn has been fishing for red claw for seven years and has developed quite a knack for it.

Anything that gets Josh on the water is a good thing and catching a red claw has become an art form.

He suggests throwing in a few pots while you're out skiing or fishing. Drop them into calm water and on the way back from your activity pull them up and see what you've caught.

"It's a bit of something extra on the side and something great to do while you are fishing," he said

"It's also good fun for the kids."

"I go every now and then but it's mainly a good change, it's nice to make a difference to your fishing."

Each red claw weighs between 200-300g. When asked what his biggest red claw catch was Josh was too modest to gloat.

"Catching red claw is pretty easy; you can use a chicken frame, use cat food or potatoes. You can catch them with anything."

Josh recommends his best spot to catch red claw; go to Lake Awoonga.

Why? Because of its warm water.

"What you do is find a quiet spot and some calm water.

"Then you throw in your pots and go do something else for a while.

"It's good out there, a lot of fish are attracted to the hot water so it's good to throw in some pots and come back later," he said.

Fishing spots

Head to Lake Awoonga. It's perfect for its warm waters - red claw is attracted to this area.

Lake Mondura - another great spot. Find a calm area to drop your pots.

Fairbairn Dam. If you are willing to drive it's a great place to catch red claw.