Shayna Jack is devastated after the test result.
Shayna Jack is devastated after the test result.

DRUG REVEALED: Shayna Jack releases official statement

AUSTRALIAN swimmer Shayna Jack has released two-page statement about her failed drug test, naming the drug, maintaining her innocence and describing the trauma she is continuing to experience due to the incident.

She has named the drug involved as Ligandrol, which she said were probably found in contaminated supplements.

She also reveals that her "B sample" results - which have previously been said not to have returned yet - became available on July 19.

"I didn't intentionally take this substance; I didn't even know it was in my system," Jack wrote.

"It just didn't make any sense, and still doesn't to this day."

Australian Dolphins Swimming Team Training Camp
Australian Dolphins Swimming Team Training Camp



Jack said she was devastated by the positive result and the significant toll it had taken on her family.


"Seeing my parents, brothers, boyfriend and grandma made me break down into a million pieces as this was so hard for me to cope with," she said.

"I think of what I have worked so hard for all being taken away from me, and I had done nothing wrong."


Ligandrol or LGD-4033, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) which was developed for the treatment of muscle wasting conditions.

Currently being developed to improve recovery from hip fractures, its use is also popular among bodybuilders and those seeking appearance enhancement.

In the bodybuilding world, LGD is promoted as a side-effect free alternative to steroids, such as testosterone, to increase lean muscle mass and athletic performance.

Shayna Jack pictured during the womens 200m freestyle at the 2018 Queensland Swimming Championships at Chandler, Brisbane 16th of December 2018. Shayna won gold. (AAP Image/Josh Woning)
Shayna Jack pictured during the womens 200m freestyle at the 2018 Queensland Swimming Championships at Chandler, Brisbane 16th of December 2018. Shayna won gold. (AAP Image/Josh Woning)

In Australia, SARMs are not completely illegal, but they are included in Schedule 4 of the Poisons Standard, which makes it illegal to purchase them in Australia without a valid prescription.


  • Lean muscle mass gains
  • Fat loss
  • Increases strength
  • May help heal and strengthen bones
  • Few side effects reported in clinical trials
  • Greater endurance
  • Injury prevention
  • Faster injury recovery


  • Banned in professional sports
  • Long-term effects are unknown
  • May cause slight testosterone suppression

Chinese trolls hijack post

Chinese trolls have flooded Shayna Jack's Instagram account and taken aim at Australia as a "lowborn country with lowborn people" after it was revealed the swimmer tested positive for a banned substance.

Jack - who pulled out of the World Championships after failing the drug test - became terrified she would cop the backlash for Mack Horton's podium protests against Sun Yang and her fears have proven true, with dozens of trolls accusing her of being a cheat online.

A man called Tony Zhou, whose Instagram profile says he is from Beijing, criticised Jack for being a hypocrite and claimed this was characteristic of Australians.

"This is very Aussie indeed - accusing others while doping for themselves," he wrote.

"And all Australians scream to say the entire country will back u.

"Truly a lowborn country with lowborn people."

Another user called Yang Win bizarrely said "China has always been known as a state of etiquette".

"Once, twice, countless times - you've challenged our bottom line over and over again! We uphold traditional virtues of China and disdain to care, but now we will not endure!"

Jack had originally taken to Instagram to announce she was pulling out of the World Championships, writing "it is with great sadness and heartache that I had to leave due to allegations of having a prohibited substance in my system - I did NOT take this substance knowingly".

But dozens of Chinese trolls hijacked the post and posted emojis of pill capsules while trying to drown out supporters of the swimmer.

A man called Wei Li took aim at Horton on Jack's Instagram page and wrote: "Mr Horton must feel so ashamed now and will announce to quit Australian team".

Another user wrote: "Well, Sun didn't know neither. Now you know how it feels. Fcking hypocritical country" while one said "MORE DRUGS, MORE HAPPY. All of ur country are behind of u to support u to take drugs! God bless cheaters".

However, former champion swimmer Leisel Jones commented on the post in support of Jack.

"Oh matey, I'm so sorry to hear this," Jones wrote.

"Take it one day at a time. I hope it is sorted out quickly for you."

Jack is maintaining she did nothing wrong and has no idea why the test - taken during a training camp in Cairns late last month - came back positive but fears she will be judged harshly because of Australia's outspoken anti-drugs stance.

"She's vulnerable, she's devastated," Jack's manager Phil Stoneman said.

"She supports Mack in his situation, she certainly understands his position but she feels that she's now going to be tarnished with somebody else and she's done absolutely nothing wrong."