'Cold, calculated' murderer Glebow admits risk to community

THE Maryborough inmate who beat a Bundaberg man to death with a chin-up bar will not be eligible to apply for parole until 2044.

Gregory George Glebow, 39, was sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to murdering Leonard Raymond Gordon, 22.

But Brisbane Supreme Court heard he was already serving a life sentence ordered in 2002 for murdering Michael Christopher Greer in Brisbane and has committed many other violent offences in jail.

Video footage shown to the court showed Glebow going into the exercise yard about 2.40pm on October 9, 2012, and beating him with the metal bar.

He then hugs another prisoner and then enters a day yard where he tells someone about the killing and is handcuffed shortly after.

"I'll gladly plead guilty," he told Justice David Boddice on Friday.

Crown prosecutor Ben Power said the force caused one of the prongs on the bar to pierce Gordon's skull and enter his brain.

He said Gordon was due to be released two days after he was killed.

"The murder was callous and apparently motiveless," he said.

"No explanation was provided as to why he did this."

When Mr Power went through Gordon's family background and the victim impact statements from his Bundaberg mother and 13-year-old sister, Glebow launched a barrage of abuse.

"You're coming out with all this sh** that's not even f***ing true," he said.

"The only c*** that knows the reason why he died is me and I'll go to the grave with it.

"You're pulling all this sad ass sh** story and it'll go to the media.

"It's a load of f***ing sh**, you've got no idea.

"If I had to, I'd do it again."

Defence barrister James Godbolt made no submissions.

Justice David Boddice said he had discretion to make Glebow stay behind bars longer than the mandatory 30 years and he considered doing so after the outbursts showing a lack of remorse.

But he said he had to give some credit for pleading guilty.

"It involved a cold, calculated act of callousness on your part to a young man, unarmed and unaware victim," he said.

Glebow burst out with "he wasn't a 10-year-old boy who got raped and killed, was he?"

Justice Boddice continued: "It is clear from your behaviour after you struck him where you showed not a jot of interest in what had happened to him and where he was left to die alone between seats where he had fallen that you have absolutely no remorse".

"That's exactly right, your honour," he said.

Justice Boddice said Glebow could be characterised as a person without rehabilitation prospects.

"That's exactly right, your honour," Glebow said.

Glebow gave the same response when Justice Boddice said he was likely to pose a risk to members of the community for the rest of his life.