LOVING FAMILY: Rachael Moore owes her life to the bravery of her children, Jayden, Kaylea, Cameron, Samantha and Zane (front).
LOVING FAMILY: Rachael Moore owes her life to the bravery of her children, Jayden, Kaylea, Cameron, Samantha and Zane (front). Contributed

Children save mum's life after drunken dad shot her

AS RACHAEL Moore lay immobilised on the bedroom floor after being shot by her ex-partner, she saw her sons lunge at their inebriated, shotgun wielding father and thought, "Please, kids, get out of here."

Today, she is alive because they stayed. Because they fought back.

On the night of April 11, last year, Daryl Fields had one thing on his mind - to kill the mother of his children.

As a victim of domestic violence in her previous relationship, Rachael said the first time Daryl beat her in front of their kids, she left him.

That was almost two years before the terrifying night he tried to kill her.

She said they had enjoyed an amicable relationship since the split and she never imagined that he would show up at the front door of their Chambers Flat home drunk and murderous.

Rachael said she barricaded herself and the children inside her bedroom and instructed her daughter to phone the police.

Daryl kicked in the door and raised the shotgun.

"All I knew was that I had to take that shot," Rachael said.

She placed herself between the barrel of the gun and her children, before everything went black.

Daryl shot her twice in the arm - shattering it.

When she came to, she was on the floor and Daryl had his hands around her throat.

She blacked out again. The next time she came to Daryl was trying to gouge her eye out before stopping to reload the shotgun.

It was then that her remarkable children sprang into action.

Only 12 years old at the time, Cameron Caulfield ran to Daryl and disarmed him.

Rachael's children are all talented actors. As part of their actor training they take fight choreography classes from Wade Boyes.

"I had just taught Cameron how to disarm someone of a firearm, just two weeks prior, and he pulled it off," Mr Boyes said.

Four-year-old Zane Fields had the presence of mind to take his two-year-old sister and hide under the bed with her.

As Cameron ran outside to get rid of the gun, 13-year-old Jayden Caulfield ran to Daryl and started fighting him off his mother.

Ten-year-old Kaylea Caulfields grabbed her mother and dragged her outside.

Jayden was able to place Daryl in a choke-hold which put him to sleep - another skill they had learnt from Wade Boyes.

Kaylea bandaged her mother's arm using a recently purchased first aid kit, and called triple-0 again.

"I heard the sirens and could feel myself slipping away," Rachael said.

The 12-year-old ran to the police who had arrived but weren't entering the property.

"I told them it was ok to come up because I had gotten rid of the gun," Cameron said.

By the time she got to hospital Rachael had lost two thirds of her blood from the gunshot wound.

Fields was arrested and charged with attempted murder, along with a string of other charges, including breach of domestic violence order and unlawful possession of a firearm.

He pleaded guilty to four charges and is awaiting sentencing.

Rachael has had 15 long, complicated operations to keep her arm, countless skin grafts and is undergoing intense rehabilitation.

The children have been deeply affected by the trauma they underwent the night they saved their mother's life, but Rachael said acting and counselling has been their lifeline.

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