Children injured, forgotten

HIS wife left him at their Thangool home with their two small children on July 13.

The defendant, 36, downed half a bottle of rum and some beers. And then he passed out.

He awoke to his one-year-old daughter screaming. He alleged that his two-year-old son was pushing a pot into her face.

Police prosecutor Sean Franklin said the man then pulled the boy off his sister and hit him in the head with the pot three to four times.

Both children had extensive bruising when their mother arrived back home.

The defendant blamed his son for the injuries his daughter sustained.

The children were taken to Biloela Hospital. Their injuries were not life threatening.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said her client was remorseful.

She added that he had little recollection of the incident as he was inebriated.

He was given a head sentence of two years' imprisonment yesterday in the Gladstone Magistrate's Court.

The man appeared via video link.