Have you got a Childers ghost story? We want to hear it

WHEN I was following up on a story last week, I was made aware of ghostly happenings at a particular location in Childers.

This sparked my interest.

I don't care what anyone says, I do believe in ghosts and I want to really experience a ghostly encounter of the creepy, spooky kind.

I couldn't stop thinking of the ghost stories so I decided to contact a ghost hunter of sorts from Brisbane and they are prepared to come to Childers with the latest hi-tech ghost busting gear and investigate our ghostly friends.

The team of ghost busters do have one request, "Accommodation".

So Childers, who wants to help?

I was given permission by our friendly dentist to stay the night in the surgery.

This is my one chance so I have to investigate.

I have been on boring ghost tours, I never even got goose bumps it was that boring.

So, Childers, I put it out there, where are the ghosts hiding?

Let us know at Town and Country your ghostly experiences here in Childers or Gin Gin and I will get the investigating team to prove the un-proven.

Do you believe in ghosts? Tell us your story here