Offender Jerid Balibay was sentenced to a six-year jail term for his rape and indecent abuse of a girl.
Offender Jerid Balibay was sentenced to a six-year jail term for his rape and indecent abuse of a girl.

Child abuser remains a danger after abhorrent crimes


A MAN who filmed himself sexually abusing a blindfolded child has paraphilia tendencies and remains a danger of committing further such crimes.

The selfies he took smiling when offending against the child helped to convict him.

On Friday the offender Jerid Balibay, 25, was sentenced to a six-year jail term for his rape and indecent abuse of the girl; the Ipswich District Court hearing that he himself was sexually abused as a child.

Sentencing judge Dennis Lynch QC took a week to consider the matter of penalty after Jerid Rodolfo Balibay pleaded guilty to raping a child aged under 12; seven charges of unlawful indecent treatment of a child aged under 12; making child exploitation material; and possession of child exploitation material.

The child is not a relative.

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Judge Lynch said Balibay had taken photos of himself with the child and incriminated himself in a brief video.

Police discovered the crimes when investigating other matters and were later able to identify the child victim.

Judge Lynch said that in addition to the photos of the child, Balibay had 724 images and four videos held on devices classified as being child exploitation material.

These involved unknown very young children engaged in sexual activities with adults, and some that were animation.

Judge Lynch said a psychologist report identifies that he was subject to depression, suicidal ideation and thoughts of self-harm.

There had been previous suicide attempts.

Balibay revealed he suffered sexual abuse and violence as a child and began using drugs such as cannabis and methamphetamine when a teenager to self-medicate against the trauma.

He told the psychologist that he did the offences when drug affected from using cannabis.

Balibay acknowledged his conduct was wrong and that he needed professional help and treatment.

The psychologist concluded that he had a pedophilic mental disorder; his childhood exposed to paraphiliac behaviours with Balibay being exposed to a traumatising environment.

There were also symptoms of a borderline personality disorder.

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"Treatment of your conditions will require long term therapeutic treatment," Judge Lynch said.

He found Balibay had offended against a vulnerable child for his own sexual gratification and such crimes "rightly abhorred" by the community.

The child had been asleep in some incidents when offended against and the incidents were revealed by Balibay's photos.

"The images you downloaded from the internet show other children grossly abused," Judge Lynch said.

"You by accessing this material contributes to the abuse of children wherever it occurs in the world."

Judge Lynch said the psychologist's report found him to be an ongoing risk to the community if he remains untreated.

He noted that the Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis sought an eight year jail term, and his defence barrister Scott Neaves sought no more than a six-and-a-half year jail term.

Judge Lynch said he was of the belief that the rape and overall criminality warranted a six-year jail term, with eligibility to apply for parole after he serve two years.

Convicted and sentenced, Balibay received three year jail terms (concurrent) for the indecent treatment crimes, a (concurrent) two-year jail term for making child exploitation material, and a 12-month (concurrent) jail term for possession of child exploitation material.

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