THIS week Gladstone retiree Miasie Clarke opened the doors to her garden to The Observer for In the Garden With...

Name: Maisie Clarke

Occupation: Retired

What did you want to show everyone in your garden? My roses. I can't remember their exact name but they have bloomed so beautifully I wanted to share them with everyone.

How do you keep them so healthy? I have a few chooks and I spread a bit of manure around the base. I think that's why they have come up so nice. That's the secret to roses. I planted them about four or five years ago and I have never seen the bloom like this. The flowers will only last for a few weeks so these ones will be going soon.

How long have you lived here? I have been in this house for 55 years. I haven't been gardening as much as I used to lately. I have a heart condition and now I get tired much quicker than I used to.

What's your favourite plant? I love roses. I have a few more plants but these white ones have come up the best I have ever seen them. The roses like the clay soil here and that's why they do well.

What do you like about gardening? I like to get outside and be in the fresh air. It's nice sometimes to just get away from everything and take a break from life. I used to have a vegetable garden too. It had big beautiful tomatoes, but then they died.

Do you have a tip to share with other, less experienced gardeners? I have found chook manure works well for most things, especially fruit trees. I have mandarin, lime and lemon trees. The fruit is sweet but I eat them.