Time to speak up about problems with street lights

IF your street light isn't bright enough, or if it's too bright, Gladstone Regional Council wants to know.

The council is systematically auditing entire suburbs, and this month it hit Gladstone.

It was the third stop in its street light audit which will cost $55,880 altogether.

The audit will also show if our lighting meets Australian standards. If not, the council can budget to correct that.

Engineering services portfolio councillor Rick Hansen said the audit gave the chance to map out areas that might need more lights in the future.

In February 2014 an audit was done in Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy, and another at Barney Point last January.

Some of our readers took to social media. Dianne Daniels wrote: "The street lighting is appalling everywhere in this town.

"We should be able to walk our streets at night and feel safe in the fact that the town is well lit everywhere!"


Damien D'Arcy: I would like to hope Gladstone can become a smart town in retro fitting existing lighting to LED/solar and also look into future upgrades as cost efficient to the rate payer. Where the town is growing and requiring infrastructure, don't make the mistake of costly sodium or mercury vapour fittings. Be nice to see Gladstone as a smart energy community.

Karleigh Johnson: Nicholas St in Glen Eden is pretty bad.

Tammy Ellem: (The audit) sounds like a good idea. I have a light opposite my house and when idiots try breaking into neighbours cars, houses, you can only see them for a few seconds. More lights might help catch more thieves.

Kim Siganto: And yet in Chapman Drive they added heaps more. Lucky planes don't mistake that street for the runway....

Matty Post: Plenty of other things they could be spending it on then street lights that have been around for years and no ones cared why bother now

Haley Reed: Mylne St is really dark on the Palm Dr end.

Esther Frisch Scott: Auckland St, South Gladstone.

Jenni Tidd: It's not good from a safety point of view (especially walking home after a few drinks). It would be okay if there were footpaths on streets but there isn't enough of them either.

Ingela Warwick: Don't like street lights in front of my house. Definitely a big no when moving house.