Charmaine lives for her spirits
Charmaine lives for her spirits

Charmaine says she has a link to spirits

CHARMAINE Wilson was a fitness instructor and hospitality worker before she found her calling as a medium.

After a series of tragedies in her family, the 51-year-old said the career chose her.

"My four-year-old was killed in a drunk-driving accident by her father and the year after that my grandfather passed," she said.

"I had more children but the death doesn't stop right there. My dad then died.

"The person I was fearing most was my mum. She passed away and then my ex-boyfriend committed suicide.

"You just don't know when it's going to happen."

Charmaine said she feels she owes it to her family to lead a happy life, being a medium.

"I have this responsibility for my spirit family to live life for them," she said.

"I go on a good holiday every year.

"Not all of them had the opportunities that I have now."

Charmaine said she originally wanted to be a singer but found she could relate to the spirits and decided to make a living out of helping grieving people connect with their loved one.

"It's a lovely feeling to give someone just five more minutes, to give people one more chance to hear messages from someone," she said.

"There's no doubt they (spirits) are around us.

"My job is to validate that for regional Australia."

Charmaine said she takes her job seriously and loves making connections in each town she visits.

"In a show, you can connect with 10-15 people in that period of time," she said.

"You can do a lot of good for one town.

"Every time I connect someone else I get reinforced again.

"What I do is real and it's amazing and it changes lives."

When a medium does a reading the spirit will give the medium a memory and they describe it to the


She had great success at her 2014 show, and was eager to come back.

"There was some wonderful connections and much-needed ones in Gladstone," she said.

"Gladstone and I seem to get along really well which is wonderful."

Charmaine said she enjoys travelling, doing 14 shows in five weeks on her current regional tour.

"While the bus is really good, by the time you've finished you've had enough," she said.

"That bed starts looking really good."

If you want to see Charmaine in action for her

Freaky Whispers show, head to the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre website to purchase a ticket for $49.99.

The show is on May 6 from 7.30pm and goes for two hours.