Kate Vicente, and Chris and Alicia Williams check out the Peet Charity House in Gladstone on Saturday.
Kate Vicente, and Chris and Alicia Williams check out the Peet Charity House in Gladstone on Saturday.

Charity home wows crowd but doesn't sell at auction

THE "oohs" and "ahs" were audible as residents walked through the Peet Gladstone Charity House at Vantage on Saturday.

The auction day attracted many interested parties who were not disappointed by what they saw.

Variety Queensland chief executive officer Les Riley said he thought the house was fantastic and the finishes and landscaping were "first class".

"It really has come up well," Mr Riley said. "It's as good as any presented house I've ever seen."

He said the beauty of it was someone could purchase the house and start living in it tomorrow.

Considering most of the finishes, labour and time that went in to creating the house were donated, Mr Riley said the generosity of the Gladstone community never ceased to amaze him.

Although a quick auction day sale was not to be, the house will now be placed on the market and Mr Riley said it could do a lot of good.

Variety's goal is to raise between $150,000 to $200,000 worth of profits to donate to four Gladstone charities.

"I know the good of the dollars to all charities.

"It has been a big project and you want it to be beneficial for the people who spent so much time and effort."

With such a fantastic home on offer Mr Riley said buyers could not go wrong.

"It should be win, win, win all over the place."

Peet chief operating officer Darren Cooper said whoever bought the property would be "fortunate to own it".

"It's a great block, in a really good location," Mr Cooper said. "It is surrounded on two sides by park and open space.

He said Peet was proud of its involvement in what had become a community project.

"It's a great example of what people can do when they come together."

Charity house expected to sell quickly

DEAFENING silence is not what an auctioneer wants to be met with on auction day.

But Remax auctioneer Jeff Williams, who ran the Peet Gladstone Charity House at Vantage auction, was not concerned about the property's inability to sell under the hammer.

"The auction is only a couple of minutes out of a process," Mr Williams said.

"I feel confident it will sell fairly quickly. It really is a quality product."

Remax Gold Gladstone owner Shane McLeod said the house would now go in to "open house" mode.

In Gladstone's current housing market Mr McLeod said it would not be hard to find a buyer for 9 Kakadu Way.

"There has been a lot of interest in the last month," Mr McLeod said.

When compared to other houses on the market he said the charity house held its own.

"The advantage it has over the competition houses is its good-quality fit-out.

"The businesses who donated...have definitely gone for better quality fittings."

There was no list price set for the home but Mr McLeod said that would be sorted by today.


  • 40% to Variety Queensland
  • 25% to Exodus Tutorial Centre
  • 25% to Roseberry Community Services
  • 10% to Gladstone District Schools Chaplaincy