ALWAYS the prankster, Channing Tatum decided he would go all out after wrapping his latest movie.

After his Kingsman: The Golden Circle co-star Taron Egerton had played a "cute" prank, Tatum upped the ante.

"The simple story is that Taron thought he was funny and he put some pillows in my bed and a wig on the pillow to make it look like someone was sleeping in my bed. And I walked in and went, 'Oh, that's cute. You think you're funny, I guess," he told, shrugging his shoulders.

"So, I happened to be leaving London in a week and I was like, 'What am I going to do? Am I going to validate this as even an attempt of a prank?'" He cracks up laughing.

"So, on my last night, as we wrapped, I realised, 'Yeah!' So I went and spent about 1,500 pounds ($A2400) at a sex shop. I bought everything I could afford and everything that they had, pretty much. Then I filled Taron's trailer with it."

Apparently the finishing touch was a carefully placed blow-up doll in Egerton's shower. Tatum laughs. "Yes I have to say, I am very proud of it."

Taron Egerton attends the 20th Century Fox panel on day 1 of Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 20, 2017, in San Diego.
Taron Egerton attends the 20th Century Fox panel on day 1 of Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 20, 2017, in San Diego. Photo by Richard Shotwell - Invision - AP

But Tatum didn't have the pleasure of seeing Egerton's reaction to his fine work.

"No, but a video was sent to me of him seeing it," he laughs. "It was pretty epic."

It's not the first time Tatum has pulled off a prank. Last year he fooled office workers when he went undercover as an Elvis impersonator, and while promoting Magic Mike he tricked cinemagoers when he dressed up as an old man and gave an unsuspecting woman a lap dance.

Channing Tatum's old man prank

Tatum is speaking with while promoting his work on the Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a sequel to the 2014 hit, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

"I was a huge fan of the first one" he said, adding he was thrilled to join the sequel.

Playing Agent Tequila, a Statesman, the American spy counterpart to a Kingsman, in this very British spoof on the espionage genre, he brings the American cowboy element to the Brit-centric franchise.

Says Tatum, "I think the 'Kingsman' is a bit of a nod and a wink to the kitsch English spy movie genre and English sensibilities in general. And in this one, they are kind of doing the same thing with the Statesmen as far as stereotypes go.

"Just like they went over the top with the British stuff, I mean, Americans don't all wear cowboy hats and boots either, but that is their point of view. It's fun and it's all about just having a good time and that is why I think the first movie did really well (raking in $US400 million on a $US81 million budget). But with Golden Circle, they poured kerosene on it."

Channing Tatum in a scene from
Channing Tatum in a scene from "Kingsman: The Golden Circle". Giles Keyte

The Statesmen are played by Tatum and Jeff Bridges. Tatum admits, "I geeked out every time Jeff walked in the room."

Although Tatum can't reveal much about the plot, he does say, "I don't think I am giving anything away by telling you that Agent Tequila was a rodeo clown before becoming a Statesmen." He laughs.

"There's a tiny, tiny line in the movie where Jeff [Bridges] threatens me. He says, 'What do you think you did before you were a Statesman?' And I was like, 'Rodeo clown.'"

"And you know what, I have always wanted to be a rodeo clown." Leaning forward, he adds, "And I have a whip."

Tatum enjoyed his time in the UK shooting the movie which will be released on September 28. "The last time when I was shooting in London (Jupiter Ascending) I had a pregnant wife (Jenna Dewan) about to give birth, but this time we managed to sneak out and hang out."

Did he get much sightseeing and sessions drinking in the pub?

"Both. I found that sightseeing generally involves drinking."