From left Natasha Exelby, James Mathison, Natarsha Belling and Nuala Hafner.
From left Natasha Exelby, James Mathison, Natarsha Belling and Nuala Hafner.

Ten's new breakfast show to be filmed at Manly Beach

CHANNEL 10 is taking another stab at breakfast TV, this time with the help of Sunrise creator Adam Boland.

Ten's new Wake Up breakfast program will be fronted by three presenters - James Mathison, Natarsha Belling and Natasha Exelby - and filmed not in a studio, but at Manly's Queenscliff Surf Live Saving Club it was announced today.

Boland said he aimed to create the "FM radio" counterpart to the "AM radio" format of Sunrise and the Today show.

Three presenters sitting in front of the ever-changing backdrop of Manly Beach will certainly give Wake Up a different look.

"There is something about a beach that just puts you in the right frame of mind," Boland said.

"I got this idea a few years ago when we did a Powderfinger concert on Sunrise. It was one of the most beautiful things we did on that show. I remember thinking if we ever had the chance to do another breakfast show it should be on the beach, and it just so happens we do have that chance."

He said the "looser" format of Wake Up aims to be conversational.

"Chemistry is everything," Boland said.

"We stumbled across something that to me was genuinely special. There were two girls (Belling and Exelby) we paired up by chance that together were dynamite. One is married, the other is single. One is a little bit conservative and the other is not.

"And they're mates; that's really important. You can't fake it on breakfast television."

Mathison, who cut his live TV teeth on Australian Idol and more recently on Can of Worms, will add a big dash of cheeky humour.

Another point of difference will be local, as well as national, news content with former Sunrise entertainment editor Nuala Hafner presenting news from a Melbourne studio.

There will also be a heavy emphasis on social media and entertainment, with plans to hold large-scale concerts on Manly Beach.

Ten is clearly trying to get right what it got so wrong with its Breakfast show last year, which was on the air for just nine months.

"We're in this for the long haul," Boland said.

A two-month renovation/extension is in the works for the surf club and an underground fiber will connect the cameras at the show's Manly base to Ten's Pyrmont headquarters to avoid any issues with satellite links or delays.

Wake Up will launch on the same day as Ten's new morning show, also helmed by Boland and co-hosted by Ita Buttrose and Joe Hildebrand.

An on-air date has yet to be announced but Boland said the new morning programming block would launch by the end of the year.

The results of the competition to name the morning show will be announced next week.