Channel duplication works inevitable: GPC chief

GLADSTONE Ports Corporation chief Craig Doyle says channel duplication works that involve dredging 12 million cubic metres of spoil will be inevitable but won't begin for several years.

Earlier this week the Federal Government said any future applications for major dredge works would be required to give priority to land reclamation and onshore recovery of spoil.

Although duplication of the Gatcombe and Golding channels has been identified in the GPC's 50-year strategy, Mr Doyle said works wouldn't take place within the next three years unless port trade significantly expanded.

He said initial background planning work had taken place with relevant agencies, but any future capital works dredging would involve full consultation and transparency with the community.

"Gladstone Harbour in its current configuration can handle the current port trade, plus the increase in trade from the LNG projects and WICET coming online.

"This equates to a capacity of around 140 million tonnes or more with current trade this year expected to be around 90 million tonnes.

"The trigger for channel duplication dredging will be if port trade expands past the current planned levels in the future," Mr Doyle said.