Chan starts at top with first Gladstone win

SHENNY Chan had never been to Gladstone before Saturday, but now the jockey can't wait to come back.

In his first outing at Ferguson Park, the jockey streaked home late in race two on Streetfire to win the Carly-Mae Pye Benchmark 55 Handicap race.

A love for the track and town quickly grew, nearly as fast as the smile on the face of Chan after he won.

"I feel good, the horse performed very well, he loves the sand," Chan said.

Based in Brisbane, Chan made his way to Gladstone for the Cox Plate day to ride for Rockhampton trainer Shane Sigvart.

Possessing a good relationship with the trainer, Chan is likely to see more rides come his way in central Queensland.

Which includes Gladstone, and with 18 months to go before Chan returns to Hong Kong, he will likely add to the tally before his Gladstone riding time is out.

"He is very nice to me, I appreciate his work," Chan said of Sigvart.

"This track, it is similar to Gympie, but better, it is quite a nice sand track."

It got even nicer for Chan in race four, when he was aboard to steer home Base Jump for Lee Kiernan.

It meant Chan finished the day with two wins from four rides, and looking to be in central Queensland a lot more.

While he has not been riding in the region long and is not one of the jockeys who are a regular at Rockhampton, the meaning of winning the race named in honour of Pye was not lost on Chan.

The incident has made him think more about his own job, his colleagues and how he must take every day as it comes.

"I feel very sorry about it," he said. "We will always remember her.

"She reminds us of the safety at the tracks."

Described by Sigvart as a smart jockey who is always studying the greatest in the country in order to become better, only time will tell where the talented Chan will end up.

One thing is likely though, he will at one point end up back in Gladstone.